Mary Merriman founded TurnKey Choices consulting firm after 35 years of small business lending to micro, small and large businesses.  Her executive level experience in banking and economic development, assisting entrepreneurs across a multitude of industries, provides the foundation for her practical approach to business planning and execution.   The firm’s passion is to empower entrepreneurs to realize their full potential.

Clients choose our consulting services to address a number of business issues, large and small.    Areas of specialty are:

  • business expansion
  • strategic planning
  • merger and acquisitions
  • board management
  • project viability assessments
  • financing package design and placement

Business planning should be practical, producing a living document that can be easily implemented by owners and managers.  Many owners are excellent operators, delivering exceptional products and services.   TurnKey Choices empowers small business owners by providing advice, tools, and a network of professionals filling in gaps in the entrepreneur’s areas of expertise.

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